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modern proven technology of hypercompression

hypercompression of fine milled waste without burning and without glues ...

HIPERPRESS technology has no common features with standard burning or silicate technologies:

  • glue is not used and formed brick is not burnt and is not dried unlike the technology of production of ceramic brick;
  • sand and lime are not uses as well as formed brick is not steamed unlike the technology of production of silica brick.

The "cold welding" process of moulding of fine grinded brick at high pressure is a basis of HIPERPRESS technology. A small amount of water and cement as binder should be added to gain required moulding pressure and grinding depth to values permitted for technological and economical reasons.

The main advantages of HIPERPRESS technology are:

  • brick of high quality
    HIPERPRESS technology allows manufacturing of high-quality facing brick whose parameters excel much the same parameters of ceramic or silica brick.
  • Availability of local raw materials
    No expensive impotred agents are used by HIPERPRESS technology. The cheap raw materials are like lime-stone, cement and pygment are available everywhere.
  • low power consumption
    Unlike production of ceramic brick, HIPERPRESS technology does not include burning and drying as well as autoclave steaming is not included unlike production of silica brick. Such features guarantee very low power consumption of HIPERPRESS technology.
  • low cement content
    Cement content in HIPERPRESS brick is 8-10%. It is almost 3 times less than 20-25% content required at brick production by vibrational moulding.
  • direct ecological effect
    HIPERPRESS brick contains 90% of road-metal production wastes so any bi-brick HIPERPRESS press consumes up to 21 thousand tons of wastes per year.

And it should be noted that HIPERPRESS production is not "a pig in a poke". HIPERPRESS technology appeared in the market in 1989. Since this time more that 10 mini-plans were put into operation and tens million bricks of high quality that fit International Standards were made and used in facing of thousands buildings.