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raw materials for hypercompression

gridlings from limestone, marmol, merge explotations ...

HIPERPRESS technology permits to convert various mineral waste products into facing bricks of high-quality

  • siblings of road-metal production of non-rock ores;
  • wastes of coating stone mining and sawing;
  • washer refuses (burnt waste heaps);
  • wastes of copper and iron ore dressing (tailings);
  • blast-furnace shlags, etc...

Unlike the other technologies HIPERPRESS technology permits usage of both any of above-mentioned wastes and various their combinations. It should be noted that waste portion in finished HIPERPRESS brick is 90-92%.

We have proved for many years of study of raw material base that high-profitable production of HIPERPRESS facing brick may be installed in any region of Russia or CIS.

the most suitable raw materials

The following types of industrial wastes are the most suitable for production of HIPERPRESS brick:

  • siblings of road-metal production of non-rock ores;
  • wastes of coating stone mining and sawing;

The various types of lime-stone are most suitable and available non-rock ores for production of HIPERPRESS brick:

  • lime-stone, dolomite, coquina, chalk, marl, marble etc;

The lime-stone sources of raw material are almost inexhaustable in Russia... Lime-stone is mined in various places in Russia. The list of regions where lime-stone mining is performed includes quarries in near Moscow localities, Leningrad (coating) region, Arkhangelsk region, Vologda region, Tula region, Belgorod region, Voronezh region, Urals front localities(Perm region), Volga localities, Krasnodar territory , Northern Caucasus, Urals. Lime-stone is also mined in many regions of Eastern Siberia.

The soft porous volcanic ores like tuff, pumice-stone have also proved usability for HIPERPRESS production. These types of ores are not so wide-spread as lime-stones but they are also available well in many regions of Russia and CIS.

other possible kinds of raw materials

It is possible to make HIPERPRESS facing brick of hard non-ore rocks by the use specially designed and more expensive equipment. The list of such non-ore rocks includes:
  • siblings of ceramsite production;
  • wastes of copper and iron ore dressing (tailings);
  • washer refuses (burnt waste heaps);
  • blast-furnce shlags.

It is also possible to make HIPERPRESS bricks of such unexpectable materials as:

  • breakage of ceramic brick production;
  • breakage of destroyed buildings and structures.

If you need mre information about raw materials for HIPERPRESS brick production in your region please do not hesistate to contact us.