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hypercompression profitability calculation

plant profitability calculation in client's particular conditions ...

HIPERPRESS technology is a secure investment with a minimal risk. In the today's conditions of boom in the construction market, your investment in HIPERPRESS machinery will be returned in less than 12 months.

but why trust in our words?

In this page you can calculate the profitability of a HIPERPRESS plant. You yourself will establish the real raw material and electricity prices, ... and taxes of you region. Your yourself will select the brick to manufacture on your HIPERPRESS plant and you will establish the selling price of this brick.

Please, select the country in which you wish to operate the machinery:

 country of operation


The profitability calculation process is very simple, it is impossible to do a mistake or to do something wrong. In each step you should select the value of one or another parameter from the appropriate list. In the nineth step you will obtain the manufacturing cost of the brick you decided to produce, in the twelveth step you will obtain the net profit and the return of investment.

If you have any doubt, we recommend you to do the firt calculation by default, not modifying none of the proposed values, simply pressing the «next» button in each step. It will take only a pair of minutes. This way you will familirize with the process and, in the second time, will be able to do the calculation with your own parameters and prices.

We hope that these calculations will be the solid base for your HIPERPRESS plant business-plan.

Profitability calculation steps

1/12 - local currency and taxes

2/12 - plant productivity selection

3/12 - plant equipment selection

4/12 - investment and extra spendings

5/12 - working schedule configuration

6/12 - employee costs

7/12 - product to manufacture and mix composition

8/12 - raw material prices and other spendings

9/12 - annual spendings and brick cost

10/12 - brick sailing price and taxes

11/12 - revenues and V.A.T.

12/12 - profit and investment return