1HIPERPRESS - reliable durable machinery for hypercompression
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reliable durable machinery for hypercompression

easy to operate, secure, durable, easy to maintain machinery ...

HIPEPRESS machinery is only equipment at market that guarantees production of certified facing brick of high quality and has efficient maintenance all over the world.

The Spanish HIPEPRESS company supplies its unique equipment to the market for 32 years. The great experience accumulated for these years of operation in hard local conditions allowed us to design simple in use, reliable, durable and repairable equipment. Our equipment combines quality and advanced technology as distinctive features of European market with simplicity that is in high demand in your local conditions.

The main advantages of HIPEPRESS equipment are:

  • European standards
    All component parts and units of assembly of HIPEPRESS equipment fit the highest Standards of European Community.
  • reliability
    HIPEPRESS equipment is well adapted for operation in hardest local conditions.
  • resourse of efficiency
    HIPEPRESS equipment is designed to have large safety margin so it is usable for operation at full load for tens years.
  • guaranteed maintenance
    HIPEPRESS company provides efficient warranty and post-warranty maintenance service of supplied equipment all over the world since 1990.

And it should be noted that HIPEPRESS production is not "a pig in a poke". HIPEPRESS technology appeared in the market in 1989. Since this time more that 10 mini-plans were put into operation and tens million bricks of high quality that fit International Standards were made and used in facing of thousands buildings.