1HIPERPRESS - highly active ecology of hypercompression

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highly active ecology of hypercompression

transformation of industrial waste into high quality bricks ...

HIPERPRESS technology is featured with the highest passive and active ecological merits. It not only utilises the waste products of other productions but also converts these wastes into high-quality ashlar construction materials.

The distinctive features of HIPERPRESS technology are:

  • ecological purity
    Glues or other chemical agents are not used by HIPERPRESS technology. It provides ecological purity of both production process and finished brick.
  • waste-free
    No gaseous, liguid or hard wastes are generated by HIPERPRESS production that is HIPERPRESS mini-plants are waste-free enterprises.
  • ecological activity
    The specifics of HIPERPRESS production process allows to gain the portion of wastes of other kinds of production up to 92% (see raw materials).
  • low power consumption
    The low power consumption of brick is gained thanks to absense of either burning or drying phase in HIPERPRESS production process.

HIPERPRESS technology is a fine supplement to such producers of mineral wastes as cement plants, quarries, stone sawing factories, ceramic brick yards etc. HIPERPRESS technology means the great stage in solution of problem of decrease of waste generation of these enterprises.

As considered at viewpoint of economy the HIPERPRESS technology sharply decreases tax and penalty payments for placement of wastes at fertile lands. It is directly reflected in annual financial invoices and improves profitability of enterprises. Indroduction of HIPERPRESS technology is frequently performed within implementation of either federal or regional financial programmes...