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first quality facing hyperpressed bricks

nice, durable, and strong facing bricks of any color ...

HIPERPRESS brick differ sharply from traditional silicated and burnt bricks. As a matter of fact, HIPERPRESS brick is a new category of brick - hyperpressed.

The uotstanding properties of hyperpressed brick are close to ones of natural stone: hyperpressed brick is strong, frost resistant, it almost does not absorb moisture. Any type of processing the hyperpressed brick is allowed immediately at building site. Hyperpressed brick has wide range of colours and its facing surface looks like natural stone.

The main advantages of HIPERPRESS brick:

  • exquisite quality of brick
    HIPERPRESS brick is featured with high quality of surface and fine physical parameters. It is quality facing brick which is used for decoration of elite cottages, town-houses, club buildings etc.
  • exclusive accuracy of dimensions
    The accuracy of dimensions if HIPERPRESS brick is very high. The permittable value of error of dimensions is up to 3 mm for standard brick whereas error of dimensions for HIPERPRESS-made brick is not greater than 0.5 mm.
  • longenity of face surface
    The facing surface of HIPERPRESS-made brick is durable, smooth glossy fašade surface. No additional processing of fašade surface is required including grinding, painting, lacquering or use of hydrophobic coating.
  • ability to be cripped or turned
    Both exclusive mechanic strength of HIPERPRESS brick and uniformity of its internal structure make it easy to crip the brick to get "savage stone"-type surface or to turn one as usual stone.
  • wide colour range
    Manufacturing process of HIPERPRESS brick allows one to easily make brick of any colour by adding pigment to moulded mixture. The brick is uniformly painted through all its volume so colour is kept both at cripping or at turning.

HIPERPRESS facing bricks are being used during years in the market. Since 1989, millons and millons first quality facing bricks were manufactured and used in thousands of buildings all over the world (see construction with hyperpressed bricks).

HIPERPRESS machinery allows to manufacture three types of facing bricks: